Works In Progress

Girl and dragon_001The idea for this page is to keep it updated with details and pictures and excerpts about/from various Works in Progress. We shall see how that goes! For now, here’s what’s in the works:

Writing Projects

  • When Freida Fixes It–upcoming romance novella!
  • Swept Off His Feet–upcoming short story freebie for mailing list!
  • Ebony Flame–an old YA fantasy I wrote in 2010-2013 for a writing course. Based on Norse myth. I’m going to go over it and get it ready for publishing as soon as Freida is done. You can read the first three chapters right here on Wattpad!
  • The Chosen One–fantasy based on Celtic myth I started last Nano.
  • Maelila–Children’s fantasy tale I’m finishing.

Art Projects2017-08-10 23.02.22

  • Various scans to be made into prints!
  • I’ve been longing to make some “bunting” to hang on the walls. No particular reason, just sounds fun…
  • I want to make clay beads!

Paper Doll Projects

  • Sadie Jane–another tiny paper doll. Pioneer girl
  • Adele–also a tiny paper doll. Victorian girl
  • Barbara and Julie–a big set of paper dolls based on 1960s fashions. This one will make a nice sized book, when I get them done. Going to make both a print book and PDF download of this one.

Paper doll_002Other Projects

  • Rock Your Journal Covers–a short how to on decorating covers
  • How To Be a Color Scribe–an idea I’ve got for an e-course on creativety!
  • How To Set Up a Free Blog–upcoming blogpost (because a friend wants to know)