Paper Dolls

Cute, printable paper dolls for kids of all ages!

Phantastie fashion doll with watermark_smallPhantastie’s Fantasy Fashions

This fashionable young woman has an imaginative sense of style. With a wardrobe full of bright colors, Phantastie dons outfits that span unique modern outfits, to Regency and Victorian inspired ensembles. She even dresses as a mermaid!

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caylynnwatermark_smallCalynn Plays Pretend

Calynn is a spunky little girl and her favorite kind of play is dress up. Sometimes she’s a mermaid or a little grass fairy, sometimes she’s a pirate or a genie, or a little Native American girl. Why, she even has a pair of Rosie the Riveter overalls!

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gwendolllast watermarksmallPrincess Gwendolyn

Being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, what with palace intrigue, rules of proper etiquette, and overzealous suitors. And when you offend the Great Jinn and get trapped in a bottle as a genie who must grant other’s wishes…seriously could things get any worse?

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Laurel the Little Gibson GirlGibson Girl pdwatermark lastsmall

Laurel may be a proper little, Victorian girl with the latest fashion sense, but what she really loves best is to get away from the crowds, and visit the meadow at dusk and listen to the frogs singing. Here you’ll find her two fanciest outfits, great for any kind of party!

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adeledoll_wmAdele, the Victorian Lady

Adele is a typical Victorian lady, with an outfit for any occasion. Whether she’s playing the piano in the parlour, embroidering before the fire, walking in the garden, or attending a concert, she is always elegantly attired.

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Sadie Jane, A Tiny Frontier Misssadiedoll_wm

Sadie Jane, a Tiny Frontier Girl is used to roughing it, but that doesn’t mean she can’t have nice clothes! From colonial dresses, Dolly Madison outfits, to pioneer girl outfits, Sadie Jane fits into any frontier era! She even has a fuzzy wool cape to keep warm in the winter!

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