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*If anyone is confused…yes, I changed my pen name from Leslie Marie Dawson to Marie Lesley!

My Books:

Freida Cover LargeWhen Freida Fixes It

Kenape County hides deep in the winding valleys of the Ozark Mountains. Three tiny, peaceful towns lay scattered across acres upon acres of wooded, stony hills. Deep forests march up silent hills, over rough and rocky boulders, around mysterious caves, into sudden sinkholes, and down to the edges of clear, ice-cold streams.

And along one of the many winding, unpaved back roads stands the tiny, white-washed dwelling of Freida Capps, which is where our tale begins…

When her three unattached grandaughters come for a visit, Freida is determined to match each of them up with the perfect man. A preacher, a farmer, and an old friend vie for the affections of shy and queenly Abi, witty and intelligent Cass, and sweet, vivacious Meaghan.

But what will happen when Freida finds the right men…but fixes them up with the wrong girls? Will anyone find the happy ever after?

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Swept Off His Feet– Freebie!!Swept Off His Feet freebie_cover

The laughter, romance, and many adventures continue in Swept Off His Feet, a free Kenape short story. In this humorous take on romance, Paradise Tavish is set up, by her mother, on a date with strait-laced Cullen Trent. But Paradise isn’t ready to be set up with anyone, and when she hears that Cullen has a horror of “overbearing neatness in a woman” a devious plan is set in motion. Will Paradise be swept of her feet by romance…or will Cullen meet his doom at the end of a broom?

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Dragon SaverNewDragonSaver2small

Teryn has much more important things to think about than romance. She dodges lovesick suitors and the schemes of her matchmaking father as she pursues her dream of become a Real Heroine.   Along the way she makes all kinds of friends, including Ketera, a book-loving dragon. Join them in their adventures!

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Rescuing MyselfFairytale Flashfics coversmall

What if you were cursed to dance every night, all night for ten years?
What if enchanted jewels fell from your lips every time you spoke?
What if, to save your enchanted brothers, you couldn’t speak a word, even to defend yourself? 
A magic wooden cloak…
A talking frog…
A deceiving maze of mirrors…
A mystical white bear.
Fairyland can be a tricky place.
So, whether they’re princesses or peasant girls, it’s sure to take all the wit and spunk they possess for these fairytale heroines to find their happily ever after!
Here you will find seven flash-fiction retellings of lesser known fairytales, each celebrating being yourself, and enjoying the path you are one.


One Folklorist Has Had It and He’s Letting Fairyland Have It…
…Does Cinderella ever strike you as a slightly dull Goody Goody?
…Do you ever suspect she is Not Exactly The Sharpest Knife In the Drawer while retelling the tale to your children?
…Do you envy Beauty for her  Gargantuan Library more than you do her prince?
…Have you ever thought it Rather Odd of the Beast to make such a fuss over a little rose?
You are not alone.
The Snarky Narrator feels the same way.
And he (unless, perhaps he’s a she) is putting that frustration on paper, in a series of witty essays. Here he (maybe she) grapples with these questions about the inhabitants of the fairytales we all know and love and feel exasperation with. 

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Falling Into Fairylandofficialfairycover2small

You are on a Mission. 

That Mission? Acquire a Fairy Companion of your very own.

The only trouble is, you haven’t the vaguest notion where to begin your search. Or what fairies like most in a Slightly Irregular But Nonetheless Lovable Sidekick such as yourself.

Look no further. Here is the very handbook you will need! 

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Inside you will find:

  • 20 Signs the Fae Folk Are Near
  • 15 Things the Fae Love
  • 7 Essential Elements of the Faery Habitat
  • 7 Things To Be Wary of When Approaching the Fae Folk
  • Tips on Building Fairy Houses
Whether you’re a devout fairy believer or simply looking for a bit of fun, this is the book for you!


AllPubdStoriesAnthologysmallMystic Meanderings

A sarcastic folklorist has it in for Fairyland…
Seven fairytale heroines will save themselves instead of waiting for someone else to do it….
And the search for Fairies go on.
In the collection you will find short stories and essays dealing the magic and wonder of fairyland. Anything can happen once you step through that mysterious portal…
Included in this anthology:
Rescuing Myself: Seven Tiny Retellings From Spunky Fairytale Heroines
  • Dance the Kingdom Down (12 Dancing Princess’s flashfiction)
  • Love is Not a Diamond (Toads and Diamonds flashfiction)
  • A Silence That Stings (The Wild Swans flashfiction)
  • I’d Rather Marry a Frog (Frog Prince flashfiction)
  • A True Reflection of Me (The Long Nosed Prince flashfiction)
  • Wind Walker (Snow White and Rose Red flashfiction)
  • Wooden Cloak (Katie Woodencloak flashfiction)

The Two Snarktales:

  • Grubby Maids and Glass Slippers (Cinderella essay)
  • Gorgeous Girls and Beastly Folk (Beauty and the Beast essay)


  • Falling Into Fairyland (a pocketbook on how to find fairies)

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