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Survey: What would you enjoy reading on an art and story blog? [Blog Challenge Day 24]

Well I've been blogging every day (with two late posts technically...) for 24 days. It's been an experience! For one I have realized that I am not as alone on the Internet as I thought I was. Nor do I need a a bunch of followers to be happy. Just seeing that one or two… Continue reading Survey: What would you enjoy reading on an art and story blog? [Blog Challenge Day 24]


Jane Eyre Microfiction Letters

Dear Helen, I think I’m in love with my boss. I’m sure I don’t know why though. He’s moody, irascible, and rather homely looking. Yet the moment he says my name, my veins run fire. Love, Jane Eyre Dear Gypsy Woman, Please come to my party at 6pm sharp, so I can pay you for… Continue reading Jane Eyre Microfiction Letters


My Top Planning and Organizing Resources for the New Year

Ahh, the first of December. End of the year. Time for hectic holiday planning, cleaning out the old, bringing in the new, decluttering, reorganizing, setting goals, changing habits... Yes, I admit it. I'm a reorganizing freak and a goal setting maniac. So naturally my post today is going to be on those topics! Again, the… Continue reading My Top Planning and Organizing Resources for the New Year

Adventures in Malila

Malila Serial Plot Issues: What To Do?

I have an apology to make here to the readers of my Malila story. You see, the next chapter I have ready starts with a quick transition from the Elf Village to the Mountains. The reason being that the next bit of conflict on my outline happens there. But now that I reread it, I… Continue reading Malila Serial Plot Issues: What To Do?

My Life

Top Ten Things I’m Grateful For

Taking a break from the NaNo madness to say… Happy (upcoming) Thanksgiving ya’ll! If you happen to be in America. I hope your all having a great time with friends and family, and getting stuffed with turkey! But even if you’re not, you can still participate in the little activity I have in mind for… Continue reading Top Ten Things I’m Grateful For


Thanksgiving Paper Doll Outfits (Free Download)

Hello again! I'm back this week with another set of doll dresses--just in time for Thanksgiving! I hope you enjoy coloring and using them as much as I had creating them! My intention is to put out a new set every month. For now I'm using the same doll...and eventually I shall probably share a… Continue reading Thanksgiving Paper Doll Outfits (Free Download)


Winnie and Augustina: Microfiction Letters

My Darling Augustina, My dear, do be a sweetheart and pop over for tea this afternoon with Lady Cecilia, will you? My fiance will be here and I’m dying for him to meet my two closest friends! Your Bosom Friend, Winifred Dearest Winnie, Darling, I’d be delighted to come! Only I hear Cecilia will not… Continue reading Winnie and Augustina: Microfiction Letters