The Christmas Tree is Dancing (funny Christmas Poem)

I wrote this a few years ago. Boy, this tree is pretty rude…I feel like the couch deserves a follow up poem where it wrings an apology from the tree. Lol

The Christmas tree it dances
Or at least its seeming too
For with imagination
Anything can be true.
The Christmas tree is dancing
And waltzes with the couch.
So stately and so gravely
It bows, then hollers, “Ouch!”
“I do love dancing, I declare,
Pirouetting on my trunk,
But madam, I do fear
Your girth, it should be shrunk.
“This room is much to small
Or perhaps we’re just too large,
For dancing with you madam,
Is like dancing with a barge!”
“How rude!” The couch exclaims
And lumbers brisk away,
Leaving the tree to dance alone
All during the Christmas Day.

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