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Free Halloween Paper Doll Coloring Page

halloween-freebie-set-e1508900950759.pngHappy Halloween everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying the candy, costumes, and scary accouterments of the moment! Falling leaves, jack-o-lanterns, hay rides, wienie roasts, trick or treat, scary movies, candied apples (not that I’d dare sink my teeth into all that caramel, but it does sound like it ought to be good)…tell me, what’s your favorite part of Halloween and/or late fall? For me, I think its the general atmosphere of Autumn itself. The colored leaves, the crisp air, hot cocoa in the evenings…makes me want to curl up and create stuff. Or get nostalgic and look back on previous years!

And on that note, here’s a Halloween paper doll pdf I created for you…all based on old tv show characters. There’s Morticia Addam’s creepy black sheath (however did she walk in that thing?), Lily Munster’s dusty but elegant ensemble, Barbara Eden’s dancing girl type costume from I Dream of Jeannie…and of course, the awesome Samantha Steven’s witchy little costume! I’ve always kind of wanted a dress like that one…those fluttering bits of gauze draping from the sleeves are truly enchanting!

I left them black and white so they can be colored however you wish. Print out more than one and color them in different ways to grow your collection!

Again, here’s the link!

Enjoy and have a deliciously creepy Halloween week!

Halloween Freebie Set

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