My 5 Favorite Classic Short Story Collections

First a quick update…

After I finished my 30 Day Blogging Challenge I decided I should come up with a schedule and stick to it. And I did. Post 3 times a week. Flashfiction on Mondays, a Malila Episode on Wednesday, and something “fandom” related on Fridays. Well, I did well for a while but the last couple of weeks I’m afraid I’ve dropped the ball. Partly because with NaNo coming, the schedule is bound to go where all good plans go…and I’m afraid it has.

So please bear with me. For the moment I only feel confident in promising one post a week, at least until after Christmas (holidays are always hectic).

Don’t forget though, that during NaNo I will be posting Malila to Wattpad…hopefully daily. We’ll see how that goes!

And now, as the title promised, I thought I’d leave you guys with links five of my favorite short story collections on Kindle!

(Some are free, some are $0.99. Either way, very affordable. Lol.)

  1. A Holiday Romance by Charles Dickens My favorite story: “The Magic Fishbone.”
  2. The Complere Saki collection My favorite: “The Open Window.”
  3. The Complete Collection of L.M. Montgomery Short Stories My favorite: “The Romance of Jedidiah.”
  4. The Book of Dragons by Edith Nesbit My favorite: “The Island of the Nine Whirlpools.”
  5. Happy Days by A.A. Milne My Favorite: “A Matter Of Fact Fairytale.”


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