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5 Pieces of Ridiculous Advice on Learning to Create Art

Warning: most of this is utter nonsense and for laughs only. However there might be a nugget or three of wisdom buried inside the nonsense. I will not be pointing them out.

  1. Stand on your head and draw the view. This will teach you perspective.
  2. Make a sculpture using only your feet to mold the clay. After that, nothing you create will look horrible to you.
  3. Dance and draw at the same time. Its great exercise, and a fun challenge for your coordination.
  4. Draw a picture of your boss thats insulting. You’ll get fired and then you’ll have to learn to paint just to support yourself.
  5. Give up. No really. If you don’t like a picture, collage or gesso over it and make something new.

Do you have a bit of funny or unconventional advice on being an artist? Share it in the comments!

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