Mother Byrd’s Traveling Minstrels: Kenape County Double Drabble

Sorry guys, I’m 2 days behind on my schedule. But I have a flash-fiction story for today, finally! I will update the Malila story tomorrow.

No one argues with our dear Mother Byrd.
Take the summer my three sisters, Mother, and I returned to our Ozarks home. Once again, Eugene Deerwood asked me to marry him. Once again, Mother refused her blessing.
“He’ll never be able to support you, Amelia,” she said.
I knew this to be a feeble excuse. Mother was afraid of breaking up our Traveling Minstrels singing group. We’ve traveled as a women’s quintet ever since Papa died. Mother still misses him…and mourns the loss of his fine baritone.
“Mother,” I said calmly. “It’s no use arguing. I’m twenty-one now. With or without you blessing we intend to be married.
Mother blanched at the idea of an elopement. In the end she gave reluctant consent. We were married at home in a quiet little ceremony. I felt I’d finally gotten the best of Mother.
Then we gathered around the piano to sing. My sisters gasped over Eugene’s rich, mellow tones.
Mother laid a hand on his shoulder. “My,” she said. “What a fine baritone you’d make!”
Mother Byrd’s Traveling Minstrel’s may come to your town sometime soon. Be sure to come here us.
We have a fine, rich baritone singing with us.

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