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The Treasure Seekers: Book vs. Movie

I found this old “review” I wrote some years ago and just never posted. It made me want to go reread the books and watch the movie again.

Read it here.

Watch it here.

I found these books on Project Gutenberg several years ago and just devoured them (everything Edith Nesbit actually…). Just watched the movie on Amazon and was totally delighted with it. For one, a very young Keira Knightley plays The Princess (I love her in Pride and Prejudice and Pirates of the Caribbean), Felicity Jones from Northanger Abbey is one of the Bastable kids (Alice, my favorite Bastable because she’s such a tomboy. She doesn’t like to hurt anyone or get anyone in trouble, but at the same time, she’s not afraid of worms like Dora, and she always gets in on any adventure the boys have).

Oh, and complete surprise: Peter Capaldi (Yes, my Whovian friends, the Twelfth Doctor) as the newspaper editor, Jellicoe! Yes, it was delightful. He’s so young. His hair is brown and he wears a funny mustache. But he still has the wonderful Scotch accent. Noel brings him some poems to sell, and its delightful to hear him read aloud “Lines To A Dead Black Beetle” (a rather awful poem but somehow less awful when there’s some Scotchiness behind the words).

Speaking of Noel, one of the Bastable boys, he’s one of my favorites in the film (I kind of liked everyone though, so you really can’t judge by that). No really, I took to him in the book too. He’s a poet and he has a marvelous imagination. And the boy who plays him seems to capture his character very well. And looks very much like I imagined. Always a plus.

Also really liked the doctor, Mary Leslie (and she has my name for a last name! Definately cool).

Okay, my–unexpectedly–favorite thing about this was Albert-next-door’s uncle. I remember him being pretty cool in the books too, but in this movie he’s got a faint bit of Indiana Jone’s flair going for him. Or something. They make out he’s an explorer. Not sure if that’s true to the book. He’ s a writer in the book (one reason I liked him) but I don’t know if there’s any mention of what he may have done in the past…

I was kind of “shipping” him and Dora by the end though. Even if she’s only 16. After all, we don’t know his exact age, and it wouldn’t be too unusual, especially back then if…ya know…in a year or two…??

So. Fanfiction shippers…if I inspired anyone (which I doubt), remember I thought of it first!

(Only, I probably didn’t)

Actually thats one of the reasons I’m rereading the books. I don’t THINK anything like that occurs–I think Dora a lot younger than that. But I’m not for sure. I’m thinking that SOMEONE got married by the 2nd book (The Wouldbegoods). Maybe their father married the lady doctor? Okay maybe no one got married. Don’t tell me. I want to reread them and find out for myself!

Edit: It’s been so long since that rereading, that I still don’t remember!

Oh, one of my favorite parts about the books: Oswald’s narrating. Especially at first when he’s trying to keep it a secret who the narrator is but keeps slipping up….

Which seems a good place to end this….with a Goodreads link of amusing quotes from the book!

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