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10 Pieces of Unconventional Writing Advice

Please take this with a pinch of salt. The list is half snark, half, “You won’t believe it, but it’s worked for me!”

  1. Be wierd. Admit to yourself you’re crazy. But its okay. Embrace it. You got to be a little crazy to imagine things all day.
  2. Multitask. Think up twenty story ideas and have fun playing around with them until one calls to you more strongly than the rest
  3. Procrastinate. Go for long walks, read good books, stare at the clouds and think. Give problems and ideas plenty of time to germinate.
  4. Edit as you write. If you’re stuck and you can’t figure out what’s next, and there’s glaring plot problems and typos several chapters back, don’t be afraid to go back and reread and fix them. It may help you figure out how to proceed.
  5. Don’t do something just because someone tells you thats how a writer writes (that goes for my own quirky advice here…). Also, don’t NOT do something because someone says a writer shouldn’t do that. Experiment and try everything. We’re all different, and if you are patient, you will eventually find the ways of writing that feel right for you.
  6. Abandon projects. It’s okay. Sometimes you have to know when to quit. Maybe by leaving behind one version of a story, you will find a better one to tell.
  7. Write from more than one POV. Write as an omniscient narrator. Have fun and tell your opinion, break the fourth wall. Your just having fun and experimenting. It may work and it may not, but you’ll never know if you haven’t tried it.
  8. Have you ever tried writing while standing on your head? How do you know you won’t like it till you try it? (See Item #1)
  9. Write by hand. Or typewriter. Or chisel your words in stone. Just get those words out! (And sometimes, by mixing it up a bit, you will awake the Muse.)
  10. Get distracted. Ignore you’re writing and read a book. Watch a movie. Go for a walk. Hang out with friends. Do something fun and you will come back to the writing inspired and ready to create something awesome!

Okay. I know parts of this have many of you gasping in agony because I urged you too do what all of our beloved writing teachers urged us not too…multitasking, editing before the story is done, writing the omniscient POV (a big no no…and it can be SUCH fun too!).

My point is just to remind us all that nothing is set in stone. Rules are made to be broken. Everyone is different. What works for one writer wreaks havoc for another. What derails some authors is a perfect fit for others.

So don’t beat yourself up if you do things in a way you are told you shouldn’t. Sure, try their way and see how it fits. Maybe you will keep the habit, or adapt bits to suit your needs. But don’t ever think you aren’t a “real” writer because you do or don’t do a certain thing!

Wait, did I just tell ya’ll to basically, just be yourselves?

…Yep. I guess I did.

Well, I guess that’s it. Have fun experimenting! Now, go and create something, wonderful, amazing, and breathtakingly unconventional!

Leave a comment on the craziest writing advice you’ve ever received, and/or the coolest “unusual” thing you’ve ever written! Personally, mine was probably that mashup of a Jane Austen fanfic with genie lamps and magic carpets…hmm…I should finish that…

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