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I Did It!…Last Day of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Wow! I actually made it! That is, I started something and didn’t give up halfway through (even when I did forget a couple of times).

And if you don’t think that’s worthy of celebration, then you haven’t seen the number of half-finished stories laying around on my computer…

And now, what are my plans for the blog and such?

I’m glad you asked. Here’s the schedule I’m going to try:

Monday: Flashfiction of some kind (I know it’s hardly original, but let’s call it Microfiction Monday!)

Wednesday: Update my Malila Story here, and on Wattpad (I have no alliterative name for this…hmm…Wordy Wednesday? Writing Wednesday? But that’s silly, I’m writing when I do the others!)

Friday: write something about books. At first I thought of doing book reviews. But to be honest that’s not the kind of stuff I like writing. I rarely read reviews myself. What I like is discussions and gushing and ramblings about the Fandom I’m interested in. I also like fan fiction and fan art. Soooo….expect one of these things on Fridays. Some of my favorite Fandom are Jane Austen, Anne of Green Gables, Narnia, Middle-earth, Doctor Who….classics, children’s fiction, romance, fantasy, humor. Basically, you never know what to expect on Fridays (Obviously we’ll call this Fandom Friday. Lol).

I want to share free art downloads too, occasionally. Maybe once a month? We shall see…

I will shoot for posting things by 6pm every evening…since scheduling is a thing, I feel confident in promising this. Err…most of the time. *nervous chuckle*

Other plans: update my email list once a week. I’m not sure what to send them honestly. I do have one idea. One of my favorite humorist, A. A. Milne (the author of Winnie the Pooh) once wrote an essay on goldfish….the reason? He says here that he had nothing for his usual column, so he picked a word at random from the dictionary and basically just started free writing! It’s one of my favorite pieces by him!

So what do you think? If I picked a random word every week to write about in an email campaign…would you find that worth signing up for, just to see what I came up with each week? I could even let my readers make suggestions on the words! Or what I made with it: story, essay, poem etc.

I also think I need a plan for social media…like, post writing or art prompts to my FB page, and Twitter ficion to Twitter…what do you think?

Well, we’ll see how it goes!

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