30 Day Blog Challenge, Poetry

The Laundry Lament: Funny List Poem [Blog Challenge Day 29]

I wrote this some time back. I think anyone can identify with this one…

The house its crying out for attention. Listen…

A giant load of laundry shrieks, “Fold me! Fold me!”

The bathroom grumbles, “I ain’t been cleaned in ages!”

The dishes in the sink moan, “Clean me and put me in the cupboard.”

The floors say, “I miss my friend, the vacuum!”

The overflowing trash giggles gleefully, “Look at me, look at me!”

The fridge wrinkles its nose and begs, “Its time you made that grocery list!”

All the cabinets darkly hint, “It’s time for a scrubbing.”

And where did all this dust creep in from? It snuggles every wooden surface like a cobwebby blanket!

Of course we all know it isn’t really that bad. Um…right?

Comment if you’d enjoy this turned into a rhyming poem!

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