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Creativity Review…or what else I’ve been up too… [Blog Challenge Day 28]

First off, I think you should know you’re getting cheated today. If you’ll look at this “editorial calendar” I made the other day, you’ll see that today I planned to put together a paper doll download and share it today. We’ll I haven’t done that yet, nor will I have any access to a computer today…so it will have to wait. Instead, what you get, is another lovely ramble from yours truly. Which is fine with me because, honestly, I love to ramble (in print I become as talkative as Anne Shirley). I also have an addiction to parentheses….

But ANYWAY…what was I saying? This is not Parentheses Anonymous, girl, let’s get back on track!

(Notice how easily I can get off topic? Impressive, right?!)

Okay. Sorry. My point was going to be summing up what else I’ve been up too lately. Let’s see…

Mainly I’ve been helping a friend set up her new blog for essential oils. We’ve both had a ball, and frankly, I think it looks lovely! You can take a look yourself and tell me what you think…and of course, if you’re into health, essential oils, or mom blog, be sure to wish her luck, and follow her blog!

And just because I’m a good friend, here too is…

Yep. She’s awesome. So just go follow her already!

Okay. Anything else?

Mainly I’ve been working on the blog. I updated to WordPress Premium so you’ll notice the URL is different. Doesn’t the domain look nicer without .wordpress tacked onto it? I wrote a post a couple years about how it’s okay to have a free blog, and I still believe that. But I also find that if you have the money to put into doing something you love…hey, it’s not evil to spend it!

Other things I’ve done….


I enjoyed Lemony Snicket’s Unauthorized Biography an awful lot. As usual the dark humor had me in stitches (though I’m generally not into dark humor).

The Tale of Emily Windsnap was fun but I didn’t finish the sequel because (spoiler??) a certain character does something so ridiculously stupid for such a stupidly ridiculous reason that I couldn’t stand it…especially since she endangers pretty much everyone because of it. But…yeah, the first one is great! I will give the sequels another try sometime. And look at those covers. Gorgeous!

And…oh my gosh…Petronella Saves Everyone was AMAZING. Witty and humorous. I adore Petronella. The mystery was well done. And… ok I could keep gushing. But just click the link and see for yourself!

And…I have some other library books but I doubt I get to them. Why you ask?

My Betsy Tacy books came!

Yeah. I couldn’t resist.

So…if I had any other “updates” for this post I’ve totally forgot. My books are calling to me. Come to meeee….

If ya’ll need me, I’ll be in Deep Valley.

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