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Lazy Sunday Scribbling [Blog Challenge Day 25]

I will be honest. I have no idea what to write today.

I’m flopped on the couch thinking I need to put something on the blog because, well, ya know, it’s Day 25. Only 5 days to go!

But the only thing that comes to mind is that I’d really like a nap right now (I kept nodding off in church so I’m sure I don’t know why I feel that way). But, you can’t really make a blog post out of that. Although I’m obviously going to try!

Since this blog challenge of mine is nearly over, I’ve been thinking about what I will be doing after its over. I’ve enjoyed blogging every day, so I expect I will post a lot more than I did before. I used to think once a week was be difficult to do (and my good intentions always ended in an update every couple of months…), but after nearly thirty days of posting that doesn’t seem often enough!

I think I shall try posting three or four times a week. Do a book review on one day, a serialized story on another, then flash fiction the next day, and spotlight my art after that. Plus occasional updates and “ramblings” of this sort I’m sure…

At any rate it will be fun! I hope you’ll comment below and tell me what you like to read. Or you can take my survey (or both. I’ll be unashamedly greedy on that one. Hehe).

And now if you’ll excuse me, I think I will take that nap. I reckon I’ve earned it now. 😉

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