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Survey: What would you enjoy reading on an art and story blog? [Blog Challenge Day 24]

Well I’ve been blogging every day (with two late posts technically…) for 24 days. It’s been an experience! For one I have realized that I am not as alone on the Internet as I thought I was. Nor do I need a a bunch of followers to be happy. Just seeing that one or two people found my post and enjoyed it is enough to thrill me!

But it does make me more interested in sharing the kind of things you guys enjoy the most. Book reviews? Original art? Story snippets?

That’s why I made a quick survey. If you would take a minute just to tell me what you enjoy reading, and your favorite genre it would help me immensely in putting out the content you guys enjoy most.

Take my survey and tell me what you like!

And thanks ya’ll…especially the ones that follow the blog. You rock.

(And if you’ll forgive me one more self-promoting link…if you enjoy the blog maybe you’d enjoy my email list and some free goodies too!)

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