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The Adventures of Bucky Goodfellow, Part 1 [Blog Challenge Day 22]

This is an introduction I wrote for another old children’s short story about an elf detective. I thought I might write more adventures and publish it as a chapter book.

The Adventures of Bucky Goodfellow

How the Adventures Begin

“Bucky.” My mother sighed. “Why can’t you be happy as a shoe cobbler? Your father and grandfather were shoe cobblers.”

“But I’m not my father or grandfather, ” I said, sorting through the morning mail. I had sent away for another course. This one was entitled, So You Wanna Be A Great Detective?

I have been trying to find myself. Every month or so I send away for a new course. I’ve tried writing, poetry, art, psychology, doctor, lawyer…but nothing seems to fit me. Besides no one would let me operate on them when I tried doctoring, and no one in the whole Enchanted Forest seemed interested in sueing anyone, so no one would hire me when I was a lawyer. As for writiing, poetry or art…well, no one seems to get my creative bent. No one wants to buy the things I make.

But I haven’t given up hope. There must be something I’m good at. I won’t give up or return to the family business.

Let’s see what I can do as a detective.

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