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My 7 Favorite Classic Books With Spunky Heroines and Rural Settings [Blog Challenge Day 20]

I know that’s a long title. I just had trouble thinking of a shorter way that defines what these books have I common!

Basically, all are classics but some are older than others. Some are aimed at younger readers. Some are in England, some are scattered across America. But they’re all written by women, about women (or girls, lol). And all are either in a rural setting or set so long ago that they have the same feel.

At any rate they’re all stories I love!

1. Miss Read’s Fairacre Series

Written as the memoirs of a schoolteacher in a small English village during the fifties and sixties, there’s nothing quite as peaceful and relaxing as a visit to Fairacre. I also afore the character of Miss Read, a middle aged single lady with a kind heart and quick dry wit which aids her in sidestepping the many matchmaking plots set for her by well meaning friends and fellow villagers.

There’s over 20 books in the series…snd when you finish there’s also the series about Thrush Green to explore. It’s almost like you never have to leave Fairacre…almost.

2. L.M. Montgomery (Anne of Green Gables)

Possibly my favorite author of all time. I have all her novels, snd most of her short stories. And I frequently reread them. While most famous for her Anne novels, my personal favorite is the Emily of New Moon series. Probably because Emily is a writer too.

3. Fanny Burney

This is the only one I’m not sure fits on this list, but I include her because she’s basically the first English woman to publish books and it seems she was an inspiration to Jane Austen. I’ve just started her first novel, Evalina, and so far I’m enjoying it.

(When I finish, I’m going to give Anne Radcliffe a try. She wrote Gothic novels, some of which are mentioned in Northanger Abbey.)

4. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

Rebecca reminds me a lot of Anne Shirley, just with a very patriotic-American twist (which I love her for). I’ve seen the Shirley Temple movie and its nothing g like the book. Not a bad movie, but NOT the book.

There’s no sequel by the author (that I can find) about Rebecca all grown up and married. But I got my suspicions about the “Mr. Aladdin” she sells the soap too…yes, I like that idea.

5. Little House

When I read Betsy Tacy this was the first series I thought of, especially Little House on Plum Creek. That one was always my favorite of the books.

6. Miss Billy

By the author of Pollyanna. When an old friend dies, William invites his namesake to visit his all-male house. The only problem is Billy turns out to be a very pretty and vivacious young woman. Things are sure to get hectic here!

7. Little Women

No list of this kind is complete without this classic of girlhood! My favorite of the girls is (of course) Jo. How could any lover of books grow up with Jo March and not want to be a writer? I for one, don’t think it’s possible.

So, have you read any of these? Which is your favorite? Comment below!

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