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The Eclipse and Some Book Raving [Blog Challenge Day 12]

So who got to see the eclipse?

I did, in fact I guess I attended an eclipse party. Though I didn’t set our too. No, I was just going to town to visit the library because (A) it was hot at my house (puny a/c units!) And (B) I was hoping they had the rest of the Betsy Tacy series (they didn’t).

Anyway, the library was giving out refreshments and free glasses (I was to late get a pair) and the town square was chock full of people. There was a festive mood in the air–kids playing on swings, vendors selling hotdogs. It was like a holiday. A fair or parade or something.

And a couple a random, kind strangers let me look through their glasses. So I got a glimpse of the awesomeness going on in the sky abov, after all!

So, even though I was disappointed not to find more Betsy Tacy, at least I saw the eclipse. AND I didn’t come away empty handed. Oh no…

Three weeks of reading here, ya’ll (at least maximum, lol). Expect some book reviews here in future!

Oh, and don’t worry about me and Betsy Tacy. I still have Kindle and Amazon at my beck and call!

Edit: A friend of mine got to see the total eclipse. And she shared a picture!

Is that awesome or what?!

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