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The Chosen One: Wattpad Story [Blog Challenge Day 10]

Today, I’m sharing a quick link to a story chapter I posted on Wattpad. I started this story last November during NaNoWriMo…I’ll probably be posting more of it. I’d like to finish it a post the whole thing. We shall see!

Read it here!

Story Summary:

Star Norwood has often wondered at the strange silvery mark on her brow, but her parents never could explain it. Then on her graduation day she discovers they aren’t her real parents. A journey to the mysterious wood where she was found soon explains much, including the odd dreams she’s had since a child, of unicorns, a mysterious elf-man in need of her help, and general Impending Doom. Soon she is plunged into an adventure in fairy lands, both wondrous and dangerous. As she struggles to undo the spell binding her to the mysterious Fae man that can shift into the shape of a unicorn, she comes to terms with her own unicorn-related powers–and deals with the reality of falling for a man of the Seelie Courts, the Fae Folk. Together they embark on a quest to save her true parents from the clutches of Arawn, Lord of the Unseelie Underworld, and to recover a fabled alicorn bracelet, said to undo any spell that touches it. Throughout all of this, Star wrestles with the question of who she is, and who she could be. Maybe, just maybe, Who One Is, is something more than how you look, or who your parents were. Can one, perhaps, choose who they wish to be?

Sound intriquing? Read the first chapter!

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