30 Day Blog Challenge, Adventures in Malila

Story Snippet: Adventures in Malila, Chapter 2 [Blog Challenge Day 9]

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“Holy guacomole!” Sophie yelled and sat straight up. With a squeal Shagfry joined her.

“What is happening?” Sophie gasped.

Shagfry bounced on his long back feet. “The Rainbow Sonar,” he gurgled happily. “I’ve been discovered. At last. I’m going home!”

“Oh dear,” she said. “I hope it’s a place nice for little girls. I mean, can I breathe there?”

“Everyone can breathe there,” he sighed. “Malila. The wonderful land of Malila.”

“But where is that?” she demanded.

Shagfry just sighed and stared into the glimmering night with glazed eyes. “You’ll see,” he murmured dreamily.

Sophie sighed. He wasn’t much help. She’d just have to wait and see.

She followed his gaze and glanced around. She was surrounded by beauty. The bed whooshed down a colorful path, through deep blue darkness, spangled with spinning balls of light. Stars? She wasn’t sure. The bed picked up pace. It flew over the rainbow, faster than a jet, faster than a rocket ship.

It made her dizzy. She bent down and hid her face in the blankets and tried to breathe. With one hand she clutched Shagfry tightly and prayed they didn’t fall off.

Then with a great bump, the ride was over. She dared to peek over the edge of the bed.

The bed rested in a lovely wooded glade. Tall, slim birches surrounded them. Above a bright, blue sky shone. In the distance she thought she saw the gleam of a river and meadows beyond. A lane wound through the trees towards it. A whitewashed board fence, wreathed in purple chickory flowers and dancing daisies, followed the curving path. Cheery bird whistles filled the air.

“Silvenshire!” Shagfry hooted. “We’ve landed in Silvenshire! Why that’s weeks away from where I live.”

“What’s Silvenshire?” she demanded.

“A woodland community,” he explained. “Talking animals and such. I believe you have many just like them in your world. Who don’t talk. Look over there.”

She followed his pointing finger down the path ahead.

“That’s Meadow Lark Lane,” he said. “If you follow it far enough you will come to the Valley of Lost Toys.”

Her heart gave a great leap. “Lost Toys?” she cried. “Aster!”

She stumbled off the bed and ran for the Lane.

“Where are you going?” He trumpeted, galumping after her.

She didn’t stop. “To find my bear!” she explained.

Suddenly a very large, very cross, very offocial looking grey rabbit hopped into the path before her.


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