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Three Fun Reads From Me to You [Blog Challenge Day 7]

I’ve been reading again. Some old favorites and a couple of delightful new discoveries. I thought I’d share them here.

The Betsy-Tacy Series by Maud Hart Lovelace

betsytacy3I’ve been aware of this series for a while, but I’ve only just started reading them. And I must say they’re a delight. They start when Betsy and Tacy are 5 years old, and the series follows them on past high school. It’s set in Minnesota during the turn of the century. Reminds me of children’s books like Little House, Caddie Woodlawn, Anne of Green Gables, Ramona Quimby, the Five Little Peppers, and the Bobby Twins…plus a certain kind of flavor that is distinctly their own.

Jean Webster Books

daddylonglegsJean Webster is one of my favorite authors, and this collection has all my favorites: Daddy Longs Legs, Dear Enemy, Just Patty, and When Patty Went To College. She excelled in writing boarding school/college stories about lively, quick witted girls. My favorite one is Daddy Long Legs. This one is written in letter format!

Emily Eden’s The Semi-detached House

242397I just discovered this one, and I’m completely charmed by it! Apparently Emily Eden has been around all this time–since the 1800s– and I never heard of her. Which is a shame. She’s been compared to Jane Austen for her witty style and similar characters. Although she does seem a wee bit more “readable” than Austen (forgive the blasphemy–I still adore Austen. But there are times when you really have to focus to follow the wording in an Austen novel!).

So there you are: three new author/series discoveries from me too you. I hope you check them out and find a new story or two to love!

4 thoughts on “Three Fun Reads From Me to You [Blog Challenge Day 7]”

      1. Trust me, they are wonderful, each and every one! There is an facebook group, and the MHL society web page. A large group of MHL fans formed an online email list more than twenty years ago. Ano there is a convention planned for next summer!


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