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My Favorite Art Tools [30 Day Blog Challenge–Day 3]

And here is Part 2: my favorite Art tools and supplies!


Mixed Media Supplies

The first thing on my list has to be actual art supplies. The hard part of this was in limiting the list of favorites!


You know–that white paint looking stuff that “fine” artists use to prep their canvas before they paint it? In mixed media artwork, gesso is so much more. I slather it everywhere! Hehe. Modeling paste is fun as well.

Watercolor Paper

Obviously you need something to make marks on! Bristol board is fun too.


Actually any type of watercolor crayon is fun, but gelatos are definitely a special kind of fun.

Water brushes

Best thing in the world for art on the go!


There’s nothing like spraying inks around for a real pop of color. One of my favorites brands is the range of colors from Dylusions.


And of course acrylics. I usually get my favorite brand, here, from Hobby Lobby.

Washi tape

Fast, fun way to brighten up a page. I like using them in a journal.

Tombow markers

Water based markers with dual tips. Fine line on one end, brush tip on the other. Of course old fashioned Crayola markers work pretty well too.

China markers

Just really handy and fun. Also they come in several colors! I had no idea until I went looking for a link for this post.

White paint pens

Great for adding white details over a painting. White gel pens and white out markers work too.

Digital Programs

I thought I would make the list about Adobe alternatives, since everyone already knows about Photoshop and Illustrator. Believe it or not, there really are cheaper (even free!) programs out there that can hold their own with Adobe.


This is my go to “work-horse” program. It’s a free, open-source software, totally equal to Photoshop. I create book covers here, polish up artwork and do just about everything here. It’s great for both image editing and digital art creation. And again–it’s free!


Okay, this program is currently my new love and obsession. First there’s an app for Android, as well as Windows (Mac and iOS too). Second the tools and brushes mimic real life art supplies. I can’t get enough of it!

A similar program is Psykopaint, which you can use online for free.


I have one reason I adore this program–an infinite canvas. Great for linework! For your phone, try Infinite Design, a very nice vector app with an infinite canvas and lovely brushes.


And of course, speaking of vector’s, Inkscape is not only free but considered an able competitor to Illustrator. At the moment in mostly use them to turn raster images of my artwork into larger vector files. Inkscape does this well. And if you are like me and just learning about vector’s, why not try out Vectr? You can download it free or use it online, and its extremely easy and intuitive (a rarity among vector softwares).


And of course, the list is not complete without a list of places to learn and gather ideas!

Deviant Art

Because the place is chock full of tutorials, beautiful art, and inspiring people. I adore this place!


This is where I go for how-to memes, craft ideas, inspiration, and artsy challenges.


Anything you wish to learn, just ask Youtube and it’ll have a video showing how its done. And who can resist a time lapse video of someone else making art? Not I, that’s for sure. If you want want a place to start, check out Moriah Elizabeth, author of Create This Book.

Jennibellie’s Journal Workshops

And finally, there’s Jennibellie…my absolute favorite teacher online! Her Ning site is chock full of creative courses and artsy classes. Her Youtube channel is full of awesome how-to goodness as well.

And that’s it! Hopefully you find something on the list to help or inspire you!

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