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My Favorite Writing Tools [30 Day Blog Challenge–Day 2]

Welcome to Day 2 of my self-appointed challenge to post to this blog every day for 30 days. We shall see how this goes! At any rate, I intend to have a lot of fun with this…

And now, onward!

It occurred to me that for some one who writes and draws, I don’t talk much about my process…not like I could. Truth is, I would like to post more art and writing how to’s. And the first thing that came to mind was, it would be fun to talk about my favorite tools and programs that I create with. So this is a 2 parter…writing tools today. Art tools tomorrow!

That said, let’s get started.

Computer Programs


This is my go to note taking tool. I write my first drafts in it. I’m writing this in it, as a matter of fact.What makes this so handy? There’s a phone app and a desktop app that syncs to the cloud. Oh yeah…and its free to use. Can’t beat that!


Not free, but worth every penny (though they usual give coupons to NaNoWriMo participants!). I love it because I can have my whole book in one place, but split scenes and sections into different text files and folders. Then I can use the split screen feature to look at more than one item if I need to. It’s great for outlining and planning too as it has an index card feature. The Mac version has a Revision Mode that I hope cones to Windows soon. And this lovely program compiles and exports to different format, including e-reader files.

Ommwriter and Zenwriter

I adore these two distraction-free writing enviroments! Zenwriter is more customizable as it as lows you to add your own backgrounds and Ommwriter doesn’t. Lovely backgrounds, soothing music, typewriter sounds….ok, that’s enough. Now I want to go write something with Ommwriter!

Write or Die

I don’t use this like I used too, but it has had a great part in teaching me how to just start writing and not worry about perfection. Try it out. Start the timer and set your punishment level (Kamikaze is the worst: it’ll eat your words if you stop typing!). I guarantee you will stop worrying about how to say something and just say it. And don’t worry. You can clean up the typos and edit later!



I just used this site to format When Freida Fixes It for print. There’s only a few themes right now, but one was perfect for my romance novel, and I tearing my hair out trying to format with Microsoft Word. Not a long term solution for me, but it will do until I conquer Word! And to be honest, the site was just plain fun to use.

National Novel Writing Month

This November will be the 10th year I’ve participated and its still a ton of fun. It doesn’t even matter if you hit the 50,000 word challenge…I mainly enjoy it as a month long writing vacation!


A site for posting and sharing stories. It’s where I have the first 3 chapters of Ebony. I’d like to do more with this site….


A critiquing site I participated in a lot when I first started writing. I really enjoyed. Haven’t used it in years but i’s worth checking out if you’re a new writer.

Other Things

Sharpie pens!

I rarely write without a felt pen anymore, and these are the best (their water resistant). And they come in colors too!

Composition notebooks

Seriously how do some writers function without one? Of course I pretty mine up…

2017-08-11 13.11.48

Candles or Essential Oils

Sweet scents to set the writing mood!


Any music site really, but Pandora radio is my favorite. Movie scores and soundtracks are amazing to write too. I also love ambent sounds like from Ambient-Mixer.

Steal Like An Artist Journal

I’ve developed a thing for prompted creative journals. Currently, this is my favorite. Also good is The NaNo workbookand The ImaginaryWorld Of by Keri Smith (Wreck This Journal creator).

And that wraps it up! I didn’t mention any writing teachers or classes. I think that’s worth a separate post though. Which is good….I need all the ideas I can get! 😉

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