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Can I Write A Post a Day for 30 Days?

I must say I love this WordPress app. I can laze around with a bag of chips (I’ve just discovered that Limon flavored potato chips aren’t half bad after the first few bites) and a Diet Pepsi while typing whatever I want on my phone. So much simpler than messing with a computer!

All of which leads me to my next point…if keeping the blog updated can be this easy why don’t I write more?

There’s so much I could be doing and instead I’ve just been dribbling out a few dull updates every couple of months. Enough of that. It’s time for a challenge. Time for things to get a little more interesting.

Basically I want to challenge myself to write, publish, and share a post a day for 30 days. All I’m undecided on is, shall I start with this one, or shall I start on September 1st? Part of me likes the completeness of starting at the first of the month. Part of me thinks if I put it off I will waffle out of it.

Hmm. If this is Day 1 then September 8th is Day 30.

What the heck. Let’s take the plunge. This is the first post!

As for what I will post, anything goes. Updates, book/movie reviews, art or writing how tos, artsy stuff, writing tidbits…I’ve got some ideas in the back of my head. Let’s just see what happens!

Ok! Now, what fun things have I been up too?

(And please Self, try to share it in an interesting way, hey?)

For the sake of clarity I need some lists!

Books I’ve (Re)read

  • The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland Possibly my favorite children’s fantasy ever. Well, written lately anyway. It has a strong flavor of Oz, Wonderland, Neverland, and even Narnia wrapped up in it. I had the strangest feeling I’d been there before, the first time I read it. Also it has that quirky-opinionated-narrator-who-breaks-the-fourth-wall tone that I adore (and have a tendency to write…presumably because it an opinionated maiden myself…).
  • The Enchanted Forest Chronicles If anything THIS series (especially the first book) ties the Fairyland books for my favorite. I read the first as a teen, and it haunted my memory until a few months ago when I went searching for it. I wish I’d wrote them. Cimorene is everything a heroine should be!
  • Concerning Belinda A humorous old book about the escapades of some girls in a New York finishing school, around the turn of the century. Reminds me a little of Jean Webster’ writing (Daddy Long Legs and Just Patty).
  • The Light Princess and Other Stories (just started) A beloved collection of short stories by George MacDonald (At The Back of The North Wind).
  • Digital Freedom about various ways of being a digital entrepreneur and making money online.
  • How To Write a Novella in 24 Hours Collection of essays and how-to’s on writing.
  • Rivet Your Readers With Deep Point of View A very helpful read. I will be referring to it as I edit my next book!
  • A Wizard of Earthsea (on audiobook, and the only one that’s not a reread. Just started this one) So far I like it, and I love the narrator. Rob Inglis also narrates The Lord of The Rings!


  • Ok. I know they’ve been out forever but I just lately watched the Zorro remakes (with Catherine Zeta Jones). I LOVED them. But then I love Zorro, period. Definitely time to rewatch the old one. I do love westerns, and I love adventure tales with lots of awesome sword play (not battle scenes, just great fencing skills displayed). Oh yeah, and masked heroes are pretty irresistible. No wonder I adored these movies. And they were funny. I’m a sucker for quirky humor and one-liners…
  • Just watched an old movie called Romancing The Stone. Awesome. But then it’s about a romance novelist who gets thrown into the middle of a real life-and-death adventure. I can’t resist something like that. Plus the hero was played by the son of Kirk Douglas and the resemblance is uncanny. And if you don’t know who Kirk Douglas is just go watch The Big Trees right now, ya here?!
  • And I just rewatched Leap Year (again) with Amy Adams. I can’t express how much I adore this movie!
  • And I finally watched Arsenic And Old Lace with Cary Grant. It’s definitely black humor but it sparkles with it. The aunts are so sweet and innocent despite the fact that they are…well, that’s a spoiler, I guess. Cary Grant is hilarious and convincing. And the uncle who thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt? He’s always running upstairs shouting, “Charge!” Yeah, I could rewatch it just for that.
  • By the way…if you enjoy humorous old movies about supposedly crazy people then check out Jimmy Stewart in Harvey. He sees a 6 ft white rabbit. Yeah. I loved it. Maybe I’m just wierd with quirky tastes. But I loved it!


  • I’ve got Ebony set up for revising inside Scrivener (the split screen is a big help, especially as I’ve a 1001 old revision notes to go through before I really get started).
  • I’m working on another free short story about a girl in search of The Real Empress and her companion, a strange creature called the Kangon (I’m working on a dig-print to go with it!)
  • I’ve been thinking it would be great fun to have an ezine…so far that’s just in the planning stages. But it’s definitely fun.
  • I’ve been reading and watching stuff about who my “target reader” is. Considering I write such different things, plus do art…yes, this is a toughie for me. No wonder I have no folowing…lol.


  • I’ve discovered the fun of drawing on my phone, as mentioned before…
  • Paper doll_006Girl under treeScreenshot_2017-08-05-15-51-33Girl and dragon_001
  • I also am doing better and having more fun on the computer!2017-08-10 23.15.34
  • For fun I’ve sketched out ideas for “cover art” to each of my published stories (and a few that aren’t). The only one I feel might work as one though, is Dragon Saver.2017-08-10 23.02.222017-08-10 21.53.212017-08-10 21.54.412017-08-10 21.55.102017-08-10 21.54.05

And that pretty well wraps things up for now. Till tomorrow anyway!

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