The wonders of art and phones in the digital age….

So I’m kinda geeking out right now over the fact that (A) I actually CAN make art on my phone and (B) yes, I can share pictures of that art to my blog right away because of the handy dandy WordPress app.

And yes I’ve known both these things for a while and have been using them. I’m just geeking out because I actually made a few things on the phone that I actually love. Partly because I bought the Artrage drawing app, and partly because I told myself it was ok to simplify.

Ok enough talk. Here’s the pictures:

I made a girl that looks like a girl!!!

Then I drew her another dress. Aka…I can make paper dolls ON MY PHONE. *squeals*

And I discovered that I can make mixed media type backgrounds with Artrage. Well I can with any art program or app, but Artrage is fun because their brushes and tools mimic real life art tools and media!

First background I made.

And the second.

And Number 3.

Ok. I’m done geeking out now. For a little bit…

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