What’s Happening in Leslie Land… ;)

I’m sure you’ve noticed a change in the surroundings. In between wedding plans I’ve been working on this. Lots of fun, and even stress relieving. Hehe.

So here’s a general rundown of the latest changes and updates:

  • Obviously new look to the blog and email. Tada!
  • New Product Pages! Take a look at my WritingArt, and Paper Doll pages!
  • New, Updated About Page, which includes a long, juicy “Author/Artist Interview” (Yes, I answered my own questions. But who cares?).
  • New ebook coming out! When Freida Fixes It will be released soon…I’ve set the release date on Gumroads for May 25th, so hopefully I won’t have any trouble hitting that deadline. Lol.
  • New Freebies on the mailing list!
  • I’ve moved my art stuff from Etsy to Gumroads
  • I’ve added a couple of art prints to Redbubble!
  • I have a new paper doll out.

Changes to come (I will update with links as I finish these things):

  • A work in progress page!
  • Two new paper dolls: Adele and Sadie Jane.
  • Changing my “pen name” to Marie Lesley (this is going to be a doozy as I have to reissue all my old ebooks under this name. But I have a good reason for it! Lol).
  • An upcoming blog post on “How to Set Up Your Own Free Blog” (because a friend wanted to know)
  • A free comedic-romance short story I will be adding to the mailing list called “Swept Off His Feet.”
  • My art prints on Redbubble need some work, so I will be experimenting with that as well!

And lastly a list of upcoming Works In Progress (which I will track on the Work in Progress page!):

  • I’m finally going to get my old novel, Ebony Flame, ready for publishing!
  • I’m writing on a children’s fantasy called “Adventures in Malila.”
  • I have a huge set of “1960s paper dolls” I’m going to make into a print book and PDF download.
  • I have lots of art scanned to the pc that I will be working to get online as digiprints (Gumroads) and art prints (Redbubble).

And I think that’s it! Look around, enjoy and stay tuned for all the new goodies coming!

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