Creativety Manifesto

The other day I spent the afternoon digging in the dirt, planting tulip bulbs and feeling very creative. I was so excited about beautify-ing my home, and felt exceptionally happy while doing it.

That’s when it hit me what my true desire was.

It’s not to be a published author (though I love to write). It’s not to be an Etsy or Redbubble seller (though making artsy stuff is the best fun in the world). Money or fame is not the point.

My desire is too…

Glorify God.

Take care of my family.

Make life beautiful.

Laugh a lot.

Create and make stuff.

Pretty simple. Nothing about fame or fortune in there.

Which means I don’t have to make money with my creations to feel they succeed. And I don’t have to have a following of any sort to enjoy what I do.

Just stay true to those 5 things: God and my loved ones, beauty and laughter and creativity.

This changes everything about the way I look at my life and creativity.

So…if one day I make art all day it’s ok. If I write another day it’s great. Maybe another day I will want to bake or plant flowers or dance or sing or learn an instrument. Maybe some days I will have to clean house or organize stuff or watch kids or teach them stuff. Some days I will hang out with friends or loved ones, sometimes I will read or watch movies or tv or listen to music or audiobooks. Or a thousand and one other things. Most days will be a mishmash of several things.

Some things are inspiration. Some things are creative. Some things are about sharing and helping others. All these things bring joy and spread beauty and bring God glory.

So it’s all good.

No more guilt. No more worry. I won’t judge myself by whether I publish or sell a book or a piece of art. I won’t be discouraged when I’m too busy with life to create, or when I’m sick and don’t feel like it. I won’t feel guilty for any time spent in entertainment or study (learning and entertainment both lead to inspiration and make me a better person).

I will live life and trust God. And I won’t define success by fame and fortune any longer but by how much love, joy, and beauty I spread around.

So lots of luck to me and you in doing just that. Happy St. Paddy’s Day everyone!

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