Welcome me to Etsy!

Huzzah! Its only been a few days and I’m posting again. Go me!

I have two reasons. Number One, I tackled one of the goals on my list and got an Etsy shop opened! And I am so PSYCHED about this! Seriously. Right now I’m working on putting up digital downloads for paper dolls I already have on hand. But I’ve got some ideas for other things I could do–like coloring book pages made out of some of my original art, scrapbook items (collage sheets, background papers), and who know’s what else. Bookmarks maybe? I don’t know, I’m just in the brainstorming mode at the moment, looking for all the ways I could use my art to make downloadable products for Etsy. I’m thinking I could put some of ebooks there in PDF form too, but we’ll see about that.

Speaking of ebooks, I think I’m ready to start formatting my Ozark romance novella, “When Freida Fixes It.” With this one I’m determined to learn how to set up a paperback edition too. It will be a tiny book but thats okay. I love this story and it will be delightful to hold the book in my hands once it is done! Its also NOT fantasy and not some goofy parody (like my Snarktales were) so I’m really excited about getting this one out there for the world to see (well, if they wish to see it, lol).

My other reason for posting…mmm, well. Its to confess that I have already FAILED at the massive goal list I posted last time. I know. Big surprise.
That is the nice thing about though. It quickly reveals to you both what you CAN do and what you truly WANT to do. I’ve discovered that these are the things I do have time for this month:

*Formatting and publishing Freida and the update to my flashfics
*Making and putting stuff on Etsy!
*logging any books I read or listen too 
*keeping up with writing 3 (well 4 actually) creative ideas each day

Anything else that happens this month is just icing on the cake.

I’ve decided to go ahead and use the word counter on the side of the page, but I will not make this daily task I must work on. I just don’t work that way. Anything I do write I will keep track of and add to the word counter. But I just don’t have the extra energy to expend right now on the daily writing thing. Maybe when Freida is done and I can move onto another project I will be able too. We shall see!

I leave you now with the link to my new shop. It’s a bit bare at the moment but I’m adding to it as we speak. Please favorite, check out what’s available, and keep an eye on things. It will be growing!

Here’s the link again. Have a great day ya’ll! 

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