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25 Crazy Excuses To Get Out Of Work

Something ridiculous and unexplainable has occurred this morning. There’s no way way you’ll make it into work–but your boss will never believe the truth.

Still, you have to try. So you pick up the phone and you say,

“Good morning boss. I’m afraid I can’t come in today because…”

    1. I didn’t escape the dragon.


  • I’ve been whisked out of time and space by a mad man in a blue box.



  • I’m buried in a mountain of popcorn.



  • The kidnappers are fixing to push me off without a parachute.



  • I’m caught in a fairy ring and they won’t let me go.



  • In 30 seconds the Dark Lord destroys the world and only I can stop him.



  • I was eloping and fell off the ladder.



  • The werewolf moon strikes tonight and its having a stronger effect than I anticipated.



  • My secret experiment exploded all over my apartment.



  • Aliens crash landed in my backyard and are holding me hostage for our worlds secrets.



  • My toe is caught in the faucet.



  • I got sucked into the computer and now I’m trapped in a virtual game world.



  • I’m holding off the vampires with garlic, crosses and holy water.



  • An angry earth goddess is threatening to turn me into a tree if I don’t comply in the next ten minutes.



  • Giant spiders have surrounded my home and all I have to fight them off with is a frying pan.



  • My Muse and I traded places this week and now she’s refusing to do boring things.



  • A jealous witch put a sleeping curse on me.



  • I ran into the door-frame and broke an elbow. Don’t ask.



  • My bedroom is swamped by tiny blue people and they refuse to leave unless I give them cornflakes. Unfortunately I ran out of those yesterday.



  • An Elf riding a flying unicorn took me away to Fairyland. They’re in need of some Unlikely Heroines.



  • I let Mr. Darcy out of the book and I have to get him back in before Lizzie marries Wickham.



  • I found a genie lamp and I’ll be sending in my resignation.



  • I’m trapped inside the Mona Lisa. Da Vinci it seems was something of a magician.



  • A fortune teller says this is the day to find Prince Charming. And no offense but I’m not looking for him at the office.



  • I’m calling from the Underworld.


In need of more silly work excuses? Here’s the story behind this fun game.

Comment below on your favorite excuse. And share three of your own silly work excuses! Or you could write your own blog post and put a link in the comments. 😀

5 thoughts on “25 Crazy Excuses To Get Out Of Work”

  1. A mischievous troll stole my left shoe.

    Bah! Peasant! Do you know not that I am a master of words and worlds?!

    I fell down a rabbit hole. It was quite deep.

    Late? A wizard is never late! Everyone else is simply early!


  2. My favorite is #19

    I can't come in to work today because:
    1) I was bitten by a spider and now I have thin sticky threads coming out of my hands and it's making a mess of everything I touch

    2) my dog ate my keys

    3) because I've decided to decrease my carbon footprint


  3. Haha! Number 11 is from a Dick Van Dyke episode (the link is to it on Youtube). And although my Muse and I have never traded places, she still kicks up a fuss about boring things.

    I like the procrastination meme!


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