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Fandom Evangelism and Being a Jesus Fangirl

On Sharing Your Geekiness With Random Outsiders.

You know the feeling. When you’ve made a smashing joke, and then realized you are surrounded by dull ordinary people who don’t read the right books or watch the right movies.

This happens to me all the time. For example:

I’m not what you call a hardcore Dekkie. My friend, Jami, once loaned me The Circle series and I absolutely loved them–for the fantasy world elements. I must admit, anything that happened in the real world, the actual “thriller” parts, I just tolerated for the story sake (and its woven together perfectly, don’t get me wrong). I’m just not a thriller or a horror fan, so I don’t really get into most Ted Dekker books. But I did enjoy the Circle series (except for the end of Green. I really didn’t like the whole circle ending. I wanted absolute closure!).

But at least I loved it enough to get some of the in jokes and references when I hear them. “Dive deeper” struck me as a great spiritual catchphrase, just like “Further up and further in!” And I loved that “Elyon” is the name for God in that world. And that His Waters are green (Have I mentioned my obsessive love of the color green?).

So when my friend Jami refers to Mountain Dew as Elyon’s Water, of course I find it hilarious. Or I did the first time I heard it. That’s probably a cliche to Dekkie’s by now, but still, its amusing.

Then one day I made the mistake of referring to Mountain Dew as Elyon’s Water in public–to be specific, at work. And then I spent ten minutes explaining to the guy across from me at the break table, what I meant.

For my troubles, all I got in return was, “A Christian thriller? Well, that’s a new one!”

You’re welcome Dull Ordinary Mortal. So much for trying to brighten your world with awesome fictional worlds!

And at least ten times a day I have the same dilemma when it comes to Doctor Who references, Lord of the Rings quotes, and Narnia analogies.

It’s a lot like the feeling I get when I want to share my Christian beliefs with someone.

Oh wait. That’s a different kettle of fish entirely (I can’t stop to think of a better analogy. I’m on a roll here folks!).

When it comes to my Random Fandom Geekiness I have a hard time shutting up (Just ask my family).

But if the opportunity comes for telling people about my Christian values and beliefs its like my lips have been sealed together with concrete (is that a good metaphor? Oh who cares…).

Okay. So I’m an introvert. I tend to be the Loud Fandom Geek around my friends and family. Around others I’m considerably quieter. And I often develop a case of Concrete Mouth (which sounds awkward, but we’re going with it) about anything I especially love…fandom related, Christian related…anything Me Related. I’m not sure why. Is it just fear? Am I afraid of being laughed at? And I don’t want things I hold special to be laughed at…Am I afraid of being criticized or told I’m not politically or socially correct? (Despite the fact that everyone knows that half the things that are politically correct are sterile and horrid, and many politically incorrect things are true and good and awesome…in fact, its a stupid label that no one should give a hang about. But that’s a post for another day.)

ANYWAY. The point is that sometimes I still absentmindedly slip up and make Awesome Fandom References in public that no one else gets. But I rarely do that about my Christian values.

I’m not here to tell anyone not to make Nerdy Remarks in public. I’m not here to encourage anyone to be as Awesomely Nerdy in public as they wish. I don’t think it matters. Sometimes its nice to keep it to yourself–secret and special, sacred to the Chosen Few who get what you love about it. Sometimes its just fun to be Yourself and Love Out Loud the things you love, and not care what others think. Just don’t be annoying on purpose.

No. All I wanted to say was…perhaps if I chose to view my Christian beliefs the same way I do my various book and movie fandoms, I might actually be a nicer, funner, more interesting Christian to be around.

After all, being a Christian is a passionate thing. Its about a Divine Love Story. The ultimate Romance.

To be honest, I can’t think of anything Awesomer than being a Jesus Fangirl.

And that’s all I have to say.

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