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Writer’s Block

What I Do To Write When I Don’t Feel Like It.

I’ve spent this whole day trying to come up with something to share with the internet world. I haven’t really managed to do anything worthwhile in the matter of writing since I hit publish on the Beauty snarktale.

The plain fact is I’m caught up in writer’s block.

So this is me, taking my problem (writer’s block) and turning it to some good. I’m going to write a post about ways to conquer writer’s block. There won’t be anything terribly new here. I’m just hoping that making a list will give me an idea to get writing again!

Therefore, here’s some things I try when I can’t write:

  • Identify what’s really causing it (for me, I think its the whole obscurity issue of being a new indie author and blogger…)
  • Journal or freewrite. What I’ve been doing all morning (this has the added advantage of at least getting words out of you–even if its not the words you happen to want at the moment)
  • Ask yourself lots of questions–starting with who, what, when, where, how, why. Avoid yes or no questions. They’re generally of little help.
  • Get away from the desk. Go outside, get some exercise and fresh air!
  • Listen to music! I’ve been doing that all day too and I think its helped.
  • Reading. Duh.
  • Some people really like aromatherapy–scented candles, incense, spraying a perfume. Whatever. I’ve noticed that cinnamon is a great smell for clearing your thoughts.
  • Try something else creative that you enjoy. I like to draw.
  • Or do some boring chore that doesn’t require a lot of thought. Wash dishes or fold the laundry. You’ll be surprised how your subconscious will work on the creative problem while the rest of you is ridiculously bored. 😉

There. I have a blog post now. I’m so proud of me!

So, what do you do when you have writer’s block or any other kind of creative block? I need some new ideas!

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