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Pirates and The Hulk

I didn’t write yesterday because I was volunteering at a preschool. Which was fun. But then when I came home, I got lazy and ended up wasting what was left of my day with Netflix and Youtube (Gilmore Girls and From Mansfield With Love).

Anyway, I have to share some fun kid snippets. I can’t help myself. And they really are good. See:

Kid Snippet #1:

“Guess what, Miss Leslie? I’m pretending I’m on a pirate ship. And I’m shooting all these skeletons and invisible people and…” *continues to detail the intricacies of killing people who are already dead*

I know, as a good preschool teacher, I should probably remind him that “we don’t shoot people at school” (as if it were somehow ok to shoot people out of school). But then I’d probably have been told that skeletons aren’t really people anymore. And to be honest, I found the subject as intriquing as he did. Seriously, how do you kill a skeleton? Or invinsible people for that matter? How do you know the invisible person IS dead? Hmm?

Also am I wrong, or has this kid been watching Pirates of the Caribbean? 😀

Kid Snippet #2:

“You know what? I’m the Hulk! And the Hulk doesn’t take baths. I don’t like baths. So, I’m not taking anymore baths ’cause I’m the Hulk!”

I’m pretty sure he made that one up to suit himself. But as it wasn’t my job to see this kid bathes regularly, I just laughed about it. And admired his amazing Hulk-like strength, of course.

So…does the Hulk take a bath or doesn’t he?

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