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April Goals and Camp NaNo

I had some grandiose plans for this month. I was going to do Camp NaNoWriMo and finish a Cinderella retelling…and hit a 50,000 word goal. After all, I hit 70,000 words last NaNo. Piece of cake, right? Despite the fact that I’ve never started in on a Camp NaNo session yet and finished. Most of them I didn’t do more than a 1000 words.

One reason I never finish Camp NaNo is that there’s a lot of building anticipation while waiting for November. Plus I have at least one friend who always Nano’s with me. And the dreary fall weather probably helps too. Yeah. April’s too nice. I want to be outside. With the daffodils and the redbud trees, watching the trees leaf out, and enjoying the warm weather and the lovely breezes.

I should finish this and then get outside!

Anyway. I have scaled back on my writing goals. At least for Camp NaNo and Cinderella. Just 15,000 words (500 a day. Thats doable). And I will focus on other writing work I need to get done.

For one, posting to this blog regularly. And doing a weekly email (though I’ve only a handful of people so far….mostly loyal friends. Or family). And getting snarktales revised and published (I’m finally back to work on Beauty and the Beast. Hopefully will have it published in a week or two…).

I’m trying to read and learn about marketing my books. Jeff Walker’s book about Product Launches (Its called, quite simply “Launch!”) is very helpful. I’m planning to experiment and see what I can come up with, based on the advice in this book. Should be fun!

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