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Overwhelmed Writer Checking In…

I’ve been neglecting the blog, but behind the scenes I’ve been busy. There’s so many things too juggle. And I’m not even making money at this yet! Seriously how do professional people–who have followers actually watching their every move–DO it all?

Oh well. Maybe they have money and can pay others to do some of the jobs. That must help.

But for now, just finding a system for working on various projects leads to Serious Overwhelm by the end of the week and I end up not getting a fourth of what I want done, done. Seriously. There’s blog posts. Then emails. Then the whole social-media-gotta-make-friends-and-find-followers thing. Then the fiction itself. Not just the actual ebooks (there’s like a dozen different jobs involved there, besides the actual writing). Oh yes. And art. I’d like to be sharing more of that.

So there you are. Why I’ve been so silent. If there was a theme word for my life, I’m sure Overwhelm would cover it. At least this part of it.

But maybe this week I’ll figure it out!

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