What Is a Color Scribe?

I am a Color Scribe.

So are you.

You see, I have this deep-down, unshakable Niggly Feeling (Belief) in the back of brain, that absolutely everyone on this earth is creative in some way. The sad part is, not everyone realizes it.

Do you cook? You are a Color Scribe.

Do you sew? Ditto.

Do you have an awesome fashion sense? You guessed it.

Of course, perhaps you’re a gardener or farmer, or like to build things from wood, or you have a positive genius for….fill in the blank.

You know what you love to do. You know what you have a deep down, hidden desire to try–even if you never have tried it!

My point is, it’s not just the painters, writers, musicians, actors, and dancers in the world who are Color Scribes. It’s all the people behind the scenes. All the every day people slaving away at their boring 9-to-5 job and dreaming of better things. It’s everybody.

It’s You.

And if you’ve read this far, you probably want to do something about it.

And that, my friend, is the True Heart of a Color Scribe. We don’t just think about it. We do it.

So if you love to paint, paint!

If you love to write, write!

If you love to cook, build, make, create….DO IT.

Because being a Color Scribe isn’t about…

  • Being famous (though some exceptional and lucky ones might end up so).
  • Making money (though there’s no reason a love of creating can’t lead to excellent skills that turn over profits).
  • Pride or selfishness.

A Color Scribe creates for the love of it.

So welcome fellow Color Scribes. I have another Niggly Feeling that many creative adventures lie ahead of us!

Tell me in the comments what creative things you love, or are longing, to do!

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